Animal Doctors
If you have ever visited an animal doctor's office you would have seen dogs, cats, birds, fish, snakes, and many other types of animals all waiting side by side. Do you think that they talk with each other?

The doctor who treats animals is called a Veterinarian or a Vet for short. People must go to school for a long time to become Vets and most of all they must love animals and want to help them.
The school that Vets go to teaches them how to know when an animal is sick. Then they learn how to make them well and keep them that way.

Animals can get sick just as peole do. They catch colds, break bones, and get cuts and scrapes as we do. The problem with animals though is that they cannot talk to the doctor to tell how they feel.

There are many ways to find out why an animal is sick.

Eyes and ears are checked just like people. The fur and skin of an animal is examined.

The Vet feels for bumps and broken bones and sometimes an X-ray is needed. Have you ever had an X-ray for a broken bone?
A Vet takes care of
exotic birds.
The Vet checks the little girl's sick dog.
Veterinary School
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