About Us
TazPets was established to offer pet owners a place to come for their pets needs from information on pet care to quality products for pets and pet owners.

Many websites and books just follow a single topic. We are committed to expanding the knowledge base of
TazPets so that you, the pet owner, can come to a single place for many topics. Our pets are important to us and are a big part of your lives. We will continue to strive to offer you as much value as we can to TazPets.

Your family, friends, veterinarian, trainer, groomer, and pet sitter are all part of the team that will make your relationship with your pet a valuable and long-lived experience. We hope this website will help you bring it all together.

TazPets is dedicated to make available through this site an improving quality of information and products to help you in your pet care and the time that you spend with your pet is quality time.